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Google Adsense & Chitika High Paying Keywords 2013 Update

Posted by Jhon Erikz Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013 0 komentar
2013 is start now,and every blogger is thinking to earn more in 2013.In 2012 i made a list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords.But after the Google pengiun(Google's Algorithm) update some keywords comes in top position with high CPC(Cost Per Click).I collect all these keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

So today i am posting some Google Adsense keywords with maximum cpc.So bookmarked this post and use this keywords in your article to earn more and more.
                                        Top List Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2013

Keyword, Top Bid
credit counseling, $6.80
life insurance, $6.00
life insurance quote, $6.00
credit card debt consolidation, $4.90
online casino, $4.64
no deposit casino, $3.78
uk life insurance, $3.20
fentermine, $3.04
dating tip, $3.02
cheap life insurance quote, $3.00
online casino sports gambling, $2.91
credit card debt, $2.90
tadalafil, $2.90
lose weight, $2.87
buy viagra, $2.85
cheap viagra, $2.85
buy cialis online, $2.80
cialis online, $2.60
hughesnet internet, $2.56
cheap car insurance quote, $2.54
nutrisystem, $2.54
reduce credit card debt, $2.51
buy cheap viagra, $2.50
buy generic viagra, $2.50
buy online viagra, $2.50
buy viagra cheap, $2.50
buy viagra now online, $2.50
buy viagra online, $2.50
cheap life insurance, $2.50
compare life insurance, $2.50
generic viagra, $2.50
life insurance uk, $2.50
low cost life insurance, $2.50
online viagra, $2.50
order viagra, $2.50
order viagra online, $2.50
term life insurance, $2.50
viagra buy online, $2.50
viagra online, $2.50
viagra online pharmacy, $2.50
nutrisystem food, $2.49
nurtisystem, $2.47
nutrisystem.com, $2.47
hughesnet, $2.46
nutrasystems, $2.43
nutri system, $2.43
nutrisystem review, $2.43
nutrisystem coupon, $2.41
nutrisystem meal, $2.40
payday loan, $2.40
hughsnet, $2.37
nutrisystem diet, $2.37
nutrisystems, $2.37
hughes satellite, $2.34
nutra system, $2.26
criminal justice school, $2.24
casino bonus, $2.21
hughes net, $2.21
nutrasystem, $2.20
affordable life insurance, $2.10
life insurance comparison, $2.10
online slot, $2.06
car insurance comparison, $2.04
credit card debt counseling, $2.03
general car insurance, $2.01
no exam life insurance, $2.00
online life insurance, $2.00
vicoden, $2.00
xanax bar, $2.00
download stopzilla, $1.99
stopzilla, $1.99
stopzilla download, $1.99
discount car insurance, $1.97
college online, $1.96
buy phentermine, $1.93
credit card debt settlement program, $1.86
online college education, $1.86
ativan, $1.85
benzodiazepines, $1.85
buy adipex, $1.85
buy viagra now, $1.85
cialis, $1.85
female viagra, $1.85
hydrocodone, $1.85
instant payday loan, $1.85
lorazepam, $1.85
phentermine, $1.85
cash advance, $1.84
top online casino, $1.84
online college degree program, $1.82
online criminal justice degree, $1.81
online degree, $1.81
payday cash loan, $1.81
payday loan online, $1.81
fast cash loan, $1.80
online college, $1.78
cash advance payday loan, $1.77
cheap car insurance rate, $1.77
pregnancy miracle, $1.77
roulette game, $1.76
comcast highspeed, $1.75
comcast tv package, $1.75
comcastcable, $1.75
online gambling, $1.75
auto insurance, $1.73
car insurance quote, $1.71
compare car insurance, $1.71
faxless payday loan, $1.71
pregnancy miracle by lisa olson, $1.71
payday loan cash advance, $1.70
cheap car insurance, $1.68
online payday loan, $1.68
easy payday loan, $1.67
affordable term life insurance, $1.66
bankruptcy lawyer, $1.66
irs tax attorney, $1.66
medical assistant training, $1.66
debt consolidation credit card, $1.65
fast cash advance, $1.65
free car insurance quote, $1.65
no credit check payday loan, $1.65
payday cash advance, $1.65
phentermine diet pill, $1.65
best car insurance, $1.62
car insurance, $1.62
debt negotiation company, $1.62
cash advance online, $1.61
cash loan, $1.61
online cash advance, $1.61
slot machine, $1.61
cash advance loan, $1.60
cash payday loan, $1.60
debt negotiation program, $1.60
fast cash payday loan, $1.59
accredited online college, $1.58
play casino, $1.58
life insurance quote online, $1.56
online gambling horse racing, $1.56
bad credit debt consolidation, $1.55
online debt consolidation, $1.55
quick cash loan, $1.55
royal vegas casino, $1.55
short term payday loan, $1.55
bachelor degree online, $1.54
credit and debt counseling, $1.53
online college degree, $1.52
car insurance rate, $1.51
cash til payday loan, $1.51
genf20, $1.51
online bachelor degree, $1.51
online casino for usa, $1.51
online casino racing gambling horse bet, $1.51
online casino real money, $1.51
online college university, $1.51
zygor guide, $1.51
ambien, $1.50
bet365 poker, $1.50
buy cheap generic viagra, $1.50
buy viagra on line, $1.50
buy vicodin, $1.50
buy vicodin online, $1.50
buying viagra online, $1.50
cheap generic viagra, $1.50
comcast bundle, $1.50
comcast rate, $1.50
comcast television, $1.50
comcastspecial, $1.50
compare online pharmacy, $1.50
generic cheap viagra, $1.50
how much is viagra, $1.50
online pharmacy next day delivery, $1.50
price of viagra, $1.50
rapid cash loan, $1.50
valium, $1.50
viagra, $1.50
viagra price comparison, $1.50
xanax, $1.50
adipex p, $1.49
slot game, $1.49
zygor, $1.48
bad credit car loan, $1.46
cheapest car insurance, $1.46
free auto insurance quote, $1.46
credit card help, $1.44
tax lawyer, $1.44
debt consolidation credit counseling, $1.43
casino poker, $1.42
generic levitra, $1.42
phentermine without prescription, $1.42
best debt consolidation, $1.41
casino online real money, $1.41
medical assistant school, $1.41
online casino slot, $1.41
pai gow casino, $1.41
auto insurance online quote, $1.40
auto insurance quote, $1.40
casino, $1.40
pregnancy miracle ebook, $1.40
slot online, $1.40
adipex phentermine, $1.39
bankruptcy attorney, $1.39
black jack online, $1.38
direct car insurance, $1.38
free casino, $1.38
ladbrokes, $1.38
black jack poker, $1.37
online black jack, $1.37
online casino game for real money, $1.37
online nursing degree, $1.37
pregnancy miracle lisa olson, $1.37
video poker, $1.37
best black jack, $1.36
buying life insurance, $1.36
download online casino game, $1.36
insurance auto quote, $1.36
online casino game, $1.36
online paralegal degree, $1.36
reducing credit card debt, $1.36
black jack, $1.35
credit card debt consolidation loan, $1.35
discount life insurance, $1.35
gala casino, $1.35
internet casino, $1.35
life insurance online, $1.35
online casino poker, $1.35
order phentermine, $1.35
whole life insurance, $1.35
pokies, $1.34
casino black jack, $1.33
online university degree, $1.33
buy levitra online, $1.32
discount phentermine, $1.32
free slot, $1.32
instant auto insurance quote, $1.32
the diet solution program, $1.32
auto car insurance, $1.31
best online college, $1.31
buy prosolution pill online, $1.31
online degree program, $1.31
slot, $1.31
car insurance online, $1.30
casino game, $1.30
cialis 20mg, $1.30
online poker, $1.30
order levitra, $1.30
online pokies, $1.29
phentermine online, $1.29
buy phentermine online, $1.28
casino tropez, $1.28
instant cash loan, $1.28
low cost car insurance, $1.28
online school, $1.28
phentermine no prescription, $1.28
phentermine adipex, $1.27
accredited online university, $1.26
casino on line, $1.26
consolidating credit card debt, $1.26
online betting, $1.26
online roulette, $1.26
comcastoffers, $1.25
credit debt consolidation, $1.25
fast cash, $1.25
life insurance policy, $1.25
pai gow poker online, $1.25
tramadol, $1.25
affordable car insurance, $1.24
best online casino, $1.24
debt management, $1.24
free online car insurance quote, $1.24
payday loan no credit check, $1.24
roulette online, $1.24
sports gambling, $1.24
video poker online, $1.24
best roulette, $1.23
compare auto insurance, $1.23
free video poker game, $1.23
roulette, $1.23
slot machine game, $1.23
phentermine hcl, $1.22
phentermine prescription, $1.22
tax debt relief, $1.22
way to reduce credit card debt, $1.22
affordable term life insurance quote, $1.21
casino online usa, $1.21
deposit online casino, $1.21
online casino bonus, $1.21
party casino, $1.21
phentermine order, $1.21
platinum play casino, $1.21
quick payday loan, $1.21
casino slot machine, $1.20
credit repair lawyer, $1.20
online gambling casino, $1.20
poker online, $1.20
quick car insurance quote, $1.20
william hill casino, $1.20
bulk email marketing software, $1.19
casino no deposit, $1.19
online class, $1.19
poker, $1.18
poker star, $1.18
888.com, $1.17
cheap auto insurance quote, $1.17
credit card debt reduction, $1.17
diet solution program, $1.17
free online casino, $1.17
mansion casino, $1.17
quick cash payday loan, $1.17
black jack game, $1.16
canadian payday loan, $1.16
pregnancymiracle, $1.16
california car insurance, $1.15
genf20 hgh, $1.15
play poker, $1.15
buy cialis, $1.14
bwin poker, $1.14
casino slot, $1.14
full tilt poker, $1.14
health insurance quote, $1.14
term life insurance quote, $1.14
bad credit auto loan, $1.13
car loan, $1.13
cashloannetwork.com, $1.13
debt management credit counseling, $1.13
fast payday loan, $1.13
play black jack, $1.13
quick loan, $1.13
the pregnancy miracle, $1.13
auto insurance comparison, $1.12
casino las vegas, $1.12
cheapest auto insurance, $1.12
html email marketing, $1.12
online casino gambling, $1.12
phentermine 37.5mg, $1.12
poker download, $1.12
reduce credit card debt quickly, $1.12
star poker, $1.12
advance cash, $1.11
auto insurance rate, $1.11
cake poker, $1.11
cash poker, $1.11
credit card debt solution, $1.11
free poker online, $1.11
levitra 20mg, $1.11
party poker, $1.11
phentermine 37.5, $1.11
poker hand, $1.11
poker.com, $1.11
texas hold em poker, $1.11
absolute poker, $1.10
blonde poker, $1.10
bontril phentermine adipex, $1.10
car insurance online quote, $1.10
carbon poker, $1.10
crazy poker, $1.10
empire poker, $1.10
everest poker, $1.10
free online poker game, $1.10
free poker game, $1.10
free poker site, $1.10
liability insurance, $1.10
poker forum, $1.10
poker game, $1.10
poker listing, $1.10
poker office, $1.10
poker online game, $1.10
poker page, $1.10
royal vegas online casino, $1.10
royal vegas poker, $1.10
truth about abs, $1.10
debt relief, $1.09
free online poker, $1.09
galveston home for rent, $1.09
instant cash, $1.09
live poker, $1.09
payday loan no fax, $1.09
paydayloans, $1.09
poker rule, $1.09
poker strategy, $1.09
tax attorney, $1.09
tournament poker, $1.09
william hill poker, $1.09
debt free with credit counseling, $1.08
free poker, $1.08
the pregnancy miracle book, $1.08
allstate auto insurance, $1.07
health insurance, $1.07
home insurance quote, $1.06
payday loan no faxing, $1.06
best casino, $1.05
card consolidation credit debt online, $1.05
casino gambling gaming online slot, $1.05
casino gambling online poker, $1.05
consolidate debt, $1.05
credit counseling debt relief, $1.05
life insurance policies, $1.05
online casino gambling poker, $1.05
online casino poker gambling, $1.05
online storage review, $1.05
rocket spanish, $1.05
vegas casino, $1.05
bluehost, $1.04
online auto insurance quote, $1.04
online casino business, $1.04
reduce debt, $1.04
reduce debt with credit counseling, $1.04
credit card counseling debt consolidation, $1.03
direct auto insurance, $1.03
moving company, $1.03
online casino for real money, $1.03
online insurance quote, $1.03
auto loan bad credit, $1.02
auto loan for bad credit, $1.02
best term life insurance quote, $1.02
casino gambling game money online play real, $1.02
casino gambling poker, $1.02
discount auto insurance, $1.02
online college and university, $1.02
prosolution penis enlargement pill, $1.02
apply credit card, $1.01
auto car loan, $1.01
bad credit payday loan, $1.01
buy vigrx, $1.01
car insurance in, $1.01
credit card for bad credit, $1.01
criminal justice college, $1.01
distance learning degree, $1.01
get teaching certification, $1.01
how to earn money at home, $1.01
how to earn money from home, $1.01
how to earn money from home online, $1.01
how to earn money working at home, $1.01
how to earn money working from home, $1.01
medical insurance, $1.01
mover, $1.01
online auto loan, $1.01
online payday loan no faxing, $1.01
online phentermine, $1.01
payday advance, $1.01
quote car insurance, $1.01
affordable health insurance, $1.00
anchor text backlinks, $1.00
apply for credit card, $1.00
applying for credit card, $1.00
auto insurance policy, $1.00
auto tie down straps, $1.00
bad debt credit card, $1.00
best link building service, $1.00
bluehost.com, $1.00
bungee cord, $1.00
bungee cords, $1.00
buy backlinks, $1.00
buy backlinks cheap, $1.00
buy high pr backlinks, $1.00
buy quality backlinks, $1.00
buy tramadol, $1.00
call tree, $1.00
card counseling credit debt debt, $1.00
cargo tie down, $1.00
cargo tie downs, $1.00
cargo tiedown straps, $1.00
cargoequipmentcorp, $1.00
catalogues for bad credit, $1.00
catalogues for people with bad credit, $1.00
chain binder, $1.00
chain binders, $1.00
comcast cost, $1.00
corner protector, $1.00
corner protectors, $1.00
credit card debt debt consolidation, $1.00
credit card processing, $1.00
debt consolidation, $1.00
edge protector, $1.00
edge protectors, $1.00
fire rated access door, $1.00
fire rated access panel, $1.00
flatbed tarp, $1.00
flatbed tarps, $1.00
free grant for single mother, $1.00
instant cash advance, $1.00
jack bar, $1.00
kinedyne ratchet straps, $1.00
link building service, $1.00
lumber tarps, $1.00
make money online, $1.00
motorcycle tie down straps, $1.00
no fax cash advance, $1.00
one hour fire rated door, $1.00
one way link building service, $1.00
online car insurance quote, $1.00
online loan, $1.00
online master degree, $1.00
payday loan with no faxing, $1.00
plaingreenloans, $1.00
plastic edge protector, $1.00
play slot, $1.00
property management temecula, $1.00
purchase phentermine, $1.00

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Your Blog or Website Not Yet Registered to Search Engine?

Posted by Jhon Erikz Jumat, 27 Juli 2012 0 komentar
Bavetline Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya | ASIABET188 AGEN BOLA SBOBET TERPERCAYA | 988BET Agen Bola Untuk Prediksi Piala Eropa 2012

Your Blog or Website not yet registered to Search Engine? Oke, I want give you tips and trick that your blog found in Search Engine. Please, follow the instructions :

1. Register to Google.com :
Visit http://www.google.com/addurl/
Type your URL
Type your comments
Type the squiggly letters shown
Click "Add URL" button

2. Register to Yahoo.com :
Visit https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit
Click "Submit a Website or Webpage"
Type your URL
Click "Submit URL" button
Login to your Yahoo id
Your URL has been added, you can submit your site to other Yahoo! programs

3. Register to MSN.com :
Visit http://search.live.com/docs/submit.aspx
Type the characters from the picture
Type your URL
Click "Submit URL" button

4. Register to Submitexpress.com :
Visit http://www.submitexpress.com
Free Submission to 40+ Search Engine
Type your URL to box entry
Click "Continue"
Enter your URL, Email, check box "Submit Express Newsletter", check box "Share your opinion and earn Rewards. (privacy policy)"
Click "Submit" button

This method is very simple and can optimize your ads your blog or website.
Please try, hopefully you are selling ads and successful.

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How to Backup Blogger Template

Posted by Jhon Erikz Selasa, 10 Juli 2012 0 komentar
Agenliga Sebagai Agen Bola Online Untuk Euro 2012 | Fairbet88.com dukung fairplay EURO 2012 | 988BET Agen Bola Untuk Prediksi Piala Eropa 2012

Why do I need to save my blog template? You may ask for this, we do this because sometimes things happen unexpectedly, for example, intentionally or unintentionally disrupt the layout of your blog. If you have a spare layout stored in your PC, then the layout we do not want this to come back perfectly tailored to what you expect, you certainly will not feel dizzy because of this.

You should backup your template every time you want to play with the code. Better yet, you always have the latest version of the template that you last change your PC.

Now you have to understand how important it is to have a backup template, let us begin to do:
Login to your Blogger account (if you are not yet logged in)
Go to Dashboard, Layout, Edit HTML, click Download Full template and store to your PC, the screen on your PC will look like this :

Under the heading Template Backup / Restore, click the link "Download Full Template" and save the template to your PC and remember where you save the template. It has made you have a backup for your blog template.

If you do not like change, then you can restore the original template by clicking "Browse" and locate the template file you need and click on "Upload" (see picture above), then your template will be restored to the condition you want.

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How To Make Google Site and Earn Money

Posted by Jhon Erikz 2 komentar
Agenliga Sebagai Agen Bola Online Untuk Euro 2012 | Fairbet88.com dukung fairplay EURO 2012 | 988BET Agen Bola Untuk Prediksi Piala Eropa 2012

In this opportunity I will discuss how to create a Google Site with ease and how to make money from Google. Please following step by step create this site.

Step One
Open Google Site and see screenshot bellow
Step Two
- Choose Your Template
- Type Your Name Site
- Choose Your Theme
- Type Your Site Description
- Choose Who Share Your Site
- Type Captcha Code
- Click "Create Site" to Finalized Instructions

Step Three
Your Site is finalized and you can use it this site (See Screenshot bellow)

Step Four
You can edit site using by Manage Site.
Click "More Actions" and choose "Manage Site"
Please see screenshot bellow :

Step Five
Arrange your "Site Content", "Site Settings" and "Site Appearance" like you wish.

Step Six
This step is very important to earn money from Google by Adsense Programs.
Please see screenshot bellow :
Okay, I think you now understand the benefits of this Google Site, make it easy and simple make earn money, such as make a Blog in Blogger.

Good luck to getting a lot of money

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Web Hosting dengan Speedy dan DynDns

Posted by Jhon Erikz 2 komentar
Agenliga Sebagai Agen Bola Online Untuk Euro 2012 | Fairbet88.com dukung fairplay EURO 2012 | 988BET Agen Bola Untuk Prediksi Piala Eropa 2012

Ada keinginan untuk membuat hosting tanpa harus menyewa host???
Rekan-rekan dapat memanfaatkan fasilitas dan infrastruktur yang telah ada.

Fasilitas dan infrastruktur : 
  1. Satu buah PC dengan Operating System XP (minimal)
  2. Modem ADSL dengan koneksi Speedy Unlimited
  3. XAMPP sebagai Localhost
Dengan asumsi fasilitas dan infrastruktur diatas telah terpenuhi, dan koneksi speedy sudah berjalan normal, maka kita dapat membuat webhosting sendiri dengan bantuan XAMPP.

Langkah berikutnya adalah memulai memodifikasi konfigurasi modem untuk menjadikan PC anda yang terhubung dengan modem ADSL menjadi server yang dapat menjadi host untuk website yang dimiliki (www, ftp, telnet, dan lain-lain).
  1. Login lah ke Modem ADSL Speedy anda.
  2. Ubahlah koneksi speedy di modem, yang awalnya PPPoE/PPPoA (dengan user&password), Menjadi Bridge Mode (tanpa user & password)
  3. Simpan Konfigurasi Modem anda.
  4. Sekarang untuk bisa mendapatkan IP Dynamic dari Speedy, kita beralih ke PC yang terkoneksi dengan Speedy langsung atau yang terhubung melalui hub.
  5. Bukalah Network Connections atau dengan meng-klik Start – Settings – Control Panel - Network Connections.
  6. Kemudian Buatlah Koneksi PPP dari Windows anda untuk mendapatkan IP Dynamic dari Speedy dengan mengklik Create a new connections dengan username dan password Speedy anda.
  7. Kemudian akan muncul Kotak isian Username & Password, jika anda telah mengikuti langkah-langkah diatas dengan benar, maka kotak yang muncul akan sudah terisi untuk kolom username & password nya. Sekarang untuk melakukan Koneksi, tekan CONNECT.
  8. Bila koneksi Speedy anda telah muncul 2 lampu indikator dan bila di ipconfig via DOS, PC Anda Mempunyai 2 IP Address, yaitu IP Local (Private IP) dan IP dari Speedy (public IP) maka proses ini telah berhasil.
Dari Percobaan diatas, PC anda sekarang sudah bisa di jadikan Server yang bisa dikenali dunia secara langsung, dalam artian bisa meng-host banyak kebutuhan diantaranya www, ftp, email, dan lain-lain, karena peran modem diatas hanyalah sebagai Bridging (tidak memiliki IP dan sebagai penjembatan koneksi internet speedy Anda).

Memperoleh dinamic DNS melalui DynDNS 
DynDNS (Dynamic DNS) -  www.dyndns.com adalah penyedia DNS untuk dynamic dan static IP serta banyak Sub-Domain yang bisa di gunakan secara bebas dan GRATIS, dalam artikel ini kita akan membuat satu sub domain ‘anda.subdomain.xxx’ dengan puluhan pilihan subdomain yang sudah tersedia di dyndns.com serta updating secara berkala supaya domain selalu mengenali IP Speedy anda yang selalu berganti karena bersifat dinamis, serta software pendukungnya.

Syarat dan Caranya :
  • Internet anda harus udah tersambung dengan koneksi speedy
  • Buka url ini di browser anda : www.dyndns.com
  • Atau langsung aja buat account baru di : https://www.dyndns.com/account/create.html
  • Lakukan konfirmasi melalui email Anda tadi, dan klik url yang ada didalam nya untuk mengaktifkan account anda.
  • Bila sudah aktivasi, account anda akan langsung aktif
  • Lakukan login ke dyndns dengan user + password anda tadi
  • Klik pada My Services yang terletak pada pojok atas kanan
  • Pilih lah menu Add Host Services (gb. lingkar 1)
  • Kemudian klik Add Dynamic DNS Host (gb. lingkar 2)
  • Sub-Domain yang anda buat bisa menjadi sub-domain anda selamanya
  • Sub-domain yang anda buat tadi tidak bisa mengikuti perubahan IP pada speedy anda kecuali anda mengikuti tahap terakhir yang akan saya jelaskan di bawah ini, yang akan secara otomatis mengupdate IP Dynamic anda dengan sub-domain di DynDNS
Proses Updating DNS pada DynDNS.com
  • Updating DNS pada DynDNS ini sangat diperlukan, mengingat IP Speedy Anda adalah Dynamic IP (tidak memiliki IP tetap).
  • Agar DynDNS selalu mengerti perubahan IP Speedy anda, anda perlu untuk meng-updatenya secara berkala di web nya dyndns, terutama saat modem baru di nyalakan, atau faktor lain yg menyebabkan IP berubah.
  • Untuk memudahkan proses Updating dan update secara OTOMATIS, DynDNS telah menyediakan Software pendukung nya yang disediakan secara Free, yang berfungsi untuk peng-updetan secara otomatis sub-domain dengan IP Dynamic Speedy anda.
Silahkan ikuti langkah-langkah dibawah ini dan download file updater :
  1. https://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/  atau di http://www.download.com/DynDNS-Updater/3000-2381-10405775.html?part=dl-DynDNSUpd&subj=dl&tag=button
  2. Extract lah file tersebut
  3. Install file tersebut
  4. Buat groups
  5. Isikan username dan password speedy anda disitu, atau klik tombol detect untuk detect dialer account yang sudah anda buat tadi
  6. Kemudian Klik OK sampe aplikasi tertutup, tapi pastikan icon try dyndns masih ada, tunggu sebentar sekitar 5-10 detik, untuk dyndns  melakukan connecting secara otomatis, masukkan sub-domain yang sudah anda buat tadi (contoh : wongedan.blogdns.net), dengan pilihan system DynDNS.
  • Indikator :
    • Centang hijau Anda berhasil
    • Centang kuning proses update
    • Centang merah anda gagal
INGAT !!! Praktek ini hanya diperuntukkan bagi pengguna Speedy Unlimited karena Bandwith yang terpakai cukup banyak.

Baca Selengkapnya ....

Membuat Blog WordPress

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Di zaman sekarang ini mungkin bisa disebut jaman kemudahan teknologi, apalagi dalam cara membuat blog yang kian lama makin mudah saja. Anda dapat membuat suatu blog sebagai situs pribadi dimana anda bisa dapatkan dengan menggunakan software blog dari WordPress. Jika kemarin lalu saya telah posting artikel tentang cara membuat blog di Blogspot tapi kini saatnya saya mulai posting tentang membuat blog di WordPress. Apakah anda sudah mengenal WordPress??? WordPress adalah salah satu penyedia software blog gratisan dengan fasilitas yang lengkap bagi anda yang ingin membuat blog tanpa kegiatan komersil di dalamnya, karena WordPress sendiri sudah mempunyai TOS agar para membernya tidak boleh melakukan kegiatan bisnis di dalamnya.Kalau ingin mencari uang lewat internet sebaiknya menggunakan blogspot saja :).

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Mafia Menghilang??? Benarkah???...

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MAFIA menghilang...... seharusnya kita bersyukur bahwa di Blog ini diberitahukan bahwa Mafia sudah menghilang alias kabur.......... tapi kata orang-orang, masih banyak mafia peradilan, mafia hukum atau mafia kasus (MARKUS = makelar kasus kata Pak SBY) dan (CAKIL = calo keliling kata Pak Jaksa Agung Hendarman Supandji) masih pada berkeliaran atau bergentayangan di negeri ini.......semoga hal in bisa segera diatasi oleh Aparat Pemerintahan..... semoga saja.......

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Membuat Tampilan Photo Badges Facebook di Blog

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Link media sosialisasi sekarang ini bertambah banyak, dan kita dapat membuatnya dalam satu tempat yaitu di website atau blog milik kita agar semua media sosialisai tersebut dapat kita akses langsung dari website atau blog kita. Dalam kesempatan kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai bagaimana caranya membuat tampilan Photo Badges Facebook ke dalam Blog.
Ikuti langkah-langkah berikut :

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Cara Membuat Photo di Pojok Tidak Bergerak Saat Scroll Bergeser

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Kali ini saya akan membahas bagaimana trick menempatkan gambar, photo atau animasi, tidak akan bergerak saat scroll bergerak keatas atau kebawah. Bagaimana cara membuatnya....nggak susah kok...(kalo udah tahu...hehehehehehe..........)

Langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut :
1. Buka Dasboard anda di Blogspot, untuk amannya buka di Blogger in Draft

2. Buka Layout >>> Edit HTML

3. Simpan dulu template anda untuk mengindari hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan (klik"Download Full Template")

4.Copy Paste script yang ada dikotak di bawah ini, dan letakkan diatas / sebelum script :   

 #trik_gambar { position:fixed;_position:absolute;top:10px; left:3px; clip:inherit; _top:expression(document.documentElement.scrollTop+ document.documentElement.clientHeight-this.clientHeight); _left:expression(document.documentElement.scrollLeft+ document.documentElement.clientWidth - offsetWidth); } 

Anda dapat mengganti posisi sesuai keinginan anda Bottom atau Top, dan dapat anda ganti jaraknya dari 0px;1px;2px;3px........ dan seterusnya sesuai kebutuhan yang diinginkan.
(*lihat warna huruf yang sama diatas)

5. Copy Paste script yang ada dikotak di bawah ini, dan letakkan diatas script :     </body>
<div id='trik_gambar'> <a href='http://smart-best-info.blogspot.com'> <img border='0' src='http://i48.tinypic.com/23tzyb.jpg'/></a> </div>

#Anda dapat mengganti URL Blog Smart Best Info (tulisan warna biru diatas) dengan URL Blog anda.
Dan ganti URL.jpg dengan URL tempat hosting gambar anda.

6. Simpan templete anda dan lihat hasilnya sekarang.

7. Jika percobaan ini gagal, anda masih bisa mengembalikan template ke posisi semula, karena anda sudah menyimpannya bukan?????......lakukan restorisasi (Chose File---Upload : pada menu Edit HTML).

8. Ulangi lagi percobaan ini sampai berhasil dengan sempurna.

Selamat Mencoba, Semoga Berhasil.....

Baca Selengkapnya ....

Back Links Free For Your Website - Increase Earnings

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What is Link ?
Link Market is a human edited link exchange directory that helps you attain links and thereby improve the chances of your website to appear in top search engine rankings. In simple words Link Market is a very big link exchange marketplace where webmasters partner with each other for link exchange.

At Link Market, only those sites are listed that either want to trade links or exchange the same. The website sees to it that the link exchange trade remains fair, proficient and most importantly it benefits the webmasters. There is no waiting period at Link Market link exchange website and therefore the webmasters can immediately start exchanging links, and it can increase the website traffic to a great extent and this can increase the search engine ranking of the website. The links present in the link exchange directory are approved by the editors of this website and therefore you should not be worried about any spam links. Link Market is free, effectual and very easy to use. However, by becoming a full member, you get numerous other benefits too. Read ahead to find out.More the hits and requests from the visitors the better will be the website traffic to your site. With the increase in web traffic to the website you can easily target potential customers and increase the sales and revenue of your business.The major advantage of Link Market is that it allows webmasters to do international link exchange which can drive more traffic from foreign countries as well thus allowing you to target international customers. Register with Link Market and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

If you want your website to be popular on the Internet then it simple cannot be isolated. You must find ways to make other websites link back to your website. Lets look at how you can create inbound links to your website. There are many reasons why inbound links matter. First of all, they build your page rank or popularity. Page rank is basically a scale in which your site is ranked which is based on the number of links coming into your website. The more links, the higher the page rank. Higher page rank means your website is that much more popular. Secondly it helps a lot in search engine rankings. The number of websites linking to you will speak of your worth to Internet users. If you see a lot of links coming in that means your website is considered to be worthy on the Internet. If you're truly doing well, you can even land at the top spot of search results, which spells massive traffic and higher conversion rate for your online business.

The question now is this: where and how do you get free inbound links? Here are some easy methods to consider:

1. Participate in forums
You can start looking for message boards and chat rooms that are related to your chosen niche. When you have a good list, you can start signing up. You will notice that these sites actually permit you to build your own profile as well as add your signature, which will appear in all of your posts. You can use these spaces to add the URL of your website or specific pages. As long as your chosen message boards are also performing well in Google, you can expect that you can benefit from their increased page rank. What's more, because you have exposed your links to different webmasters too, you are increasing your chances of being linked by other websites. The goal is to find forums that are popular in the same market that's relevant to your website, join each forum and then make some good, worthy posts at each of them. Do not spam the forums with junk. Make sure that you contribute ethically and be a good member. Each of your posts will include your signature with a link back to your website. Each of those links will count towards your in bound link and thus increase your page rank as well.

2. Create your own blog
Develop your own blog. More and more people discover and enjoy reading blogs. This is because bloggers are very generous with their information. They reveal some personal insights and past experiences that can help you in your business and/or personal affairs. Blogs, from the SEO point of view, provide a major advantage as they get indexed by Google a lot easier than a normal site. That alone provides you with a big advantage. Moreover, if you leave a link to your blog by making comments on other people's blogs, you're actually providing yourself an incoming link. Developing your Blogroll is also very important - this means exchanging links with other bloggers witch will benefit both parties.There are more and more people who are getting interested in reading blogs. This is because bloggers are very generous with their information. Besides, they get to know some personal insights, which can help them too in their business or in their personal affairs. Blogs, at the SEO standpoint, get indexed easily by Google. That alone is already good news for you. Moreover, if you leave a link to your blog in other people's blogs, you're actually providing yourself an inbound link. You can also obtain links going into your website and allowing other blogs to link to you and vice versa. A list of linked websites is known as the Blog Roll.

3. Write keyword rich articles and send them to as many article directories as possible
Content is without a doubt the king of the World Wide Web. You should add links in the body of your article, which will bring quality targeted traffic to your site, not just incoming links. Also, remember to write a compelling resource box, one that will make the reader want to find out more of what your site has to offer.

4. Take part in forum discussions
You should begin searching for related message boards and chat rooms. After developing a good list, you should start signing up. You will discover that these forums actually let you to build your own profile as well as add your signature, which should contain links to your sites which will of course appear in every single post you make. As long as your chosen discussion boards have a good Google Page Rank, you can look to benefit from their increased page rank. Even more, webmasters could find your site useful to their readers and link back to you from their site thus sending you quality traffic.

Make sure you have a well defined title, and description that has keywords that are relevant to your products and services.

Very important make sure you have a valid link page listed on Link Market. Without a valid link page your link partners will not consider you a serious member without this information.

On your website make sure you can easily find and navigate to your link page. There should be clearly visible link from you home page or from your site map to your link page.

The link page should have the same look and feel as the rest of your site. This will do two things for you:

It will make your site look more professional

It will give your users an easy way to navigate back to your products/services

Now you are to ready start trading links on the large scale and in order to do this you need a Full Membership. Without it, you are limited in a number of links you can send out and how high you are sorted in the Link Exchange Directory. At the same time we have heard from numerous members that they do not send link request out to free members since they are less likely to respond to the link request.

Finally, why do all the work? Let Link Market get links for you! With Sponsored Listings you get link requests from active members that are eager and ready to add your link. You will get a lot more exposure and therefore more link partners. The best part is that you do not need to wait for the link partner to respond to your link request. The link request was sent to you which means you are a step closer to higher link popularity and better rankings.

With these 7 simple changes you will increase your members on your site at a much faster rate and you will really see the results that a lot of our members have.

In today’s online world of cut-throat competition, it is important that your website ranks well in search engines. Search engines lists websites on search engine result pages after evaluating them against their pre-defined parameters. Number of links pointing to a website is one such very significant parameter apart from getting your website optimized.

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Cara Mengganti Next, Preview dan Home Dengan Gambar

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Di dalam Website atau Blog, untuk melanjutkan ke halaman berikutnya atau mengembalikan ke halaman semula, selalu menggunakan atribut Next, Preview dan Home untuk mempersingkat mencari halaman yang dibutuhkan.

Atribut Next, Preview dan Home dapat kita ganti dengan gambar kesukaan kita, seperti di blog saya ini, maaf bukan promosi lho...
Berikut cara mengganti atribut Next, Preview dan Home dengan gambar di Blog :
1. Login ke Blogger, untuk amannya kita login ke Blogger Draft.
2. Pilih Layout >> Edit HTML.
3. Simpan dulu template anda agar dapat dipergunakan kembali jika percobaan ini gagal.
4. Sekarang cari kode berikut di template anda : <data:newerpagetitle>
5. Ganti kode tersebut diatas dengan <img src="URL Gambar" alt="Next" />
     Kode ini untuk mengganti atribut Newer Post / Preview / Posting Terbaru.
6. Kemudian cari kode <data:olderpagetitle>
7. Ganti kode tersebut diatas dengan <img src="URL Gambar" alt="Preview" />
     Kode ini untuk mengganti atribut Older Post / Next / Posting Terlama.
8. Untuk mengganti atribut Home, cari kode <data:homemsg>
     dengan <img src="URL Gambar" alt="Home" />
    Catatan : dalam template anda mungkin ada dua kode, anda cukup mengganti yang paling 
     atas saja, jangan dua-duanya.
9. Simpan template anda, dan lihat hasilnya.

Catatan : ganti URL Gambar dengan alamat gambar anda di tempat hosting gambar gratis.

Selamat Mencoba, semoga berhasil.

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Encode/Decode HTML

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Dalam kesempatan kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai Encode/Decode HTML.
Misal, kita ingin membuat postingan yang berisi script/kode HTML, maka yang harus kita lakukan terlebih dahulu adalah melakukan Encode. Jika hal ini tidak kita lakukan, maka tampilan di layar posting tidak akan sesuai dengan yang diharapkan.
Berikut gambaran memasukkan script/kode ke dalam kotak posting di web/blog.
Script/kode yang ingin kita masukkan kedalam kotak posting adalah : 
                           <div style="color:red;background:yellow;"> Test </div>

hasil tanpa Encode seperti berikut:


hasil menggunakan Encode:

<div style="color:red;background:yellow;"> Test </div>

Kesimpulan dari gambaran diatas adalah, setiap script/kode yang kita masukkan ke dalam postingan, dibaca dan diterjemahkan oleh HTML sesuai dengan bahasa script HTML, dan script/kode yang kita ketik di kotak postingan tidak akan tampil tanpa terlebih dahulu kita Encode.
Cara melakukan Encode, copy-paste kan script/kode yang ingin di posting ke centricle.com dan klik Encode, jika ingin mengembalikan kebentuk semula dapat klik Decode.
Lalu hasil dari Encode di centricle.com kita copy-paste kan ke kotak posting.

Semoga bahasan ini dapat memecahkan masalah anda,
Selamat Mencoba.

Baca Selengkapnya ....

Create "WordPress" Style Pages For Your Blog

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A few people have asked how I created "Wordpress style" pages which are accessible from the header section. Since I will be making much use of these pages in the near future, I thought it best to explain how Blogger users can create their own blog pages.
Wordpress blogs can include blog pages; these are often used to provide an "about" page or contact information. Such "pages" are separate from the main blog: they do not appear on the main page or archives, and links to these pages from within the template are usually created dynamically. However, updates to Wordpress pages are still included in the blog's feed.

Although Blogger does not currently use blog pages in the same manner as Wordpress, we are still able to mimic this in our blogs with a little effort.
The blog pages you see in my blog are actually regular blog posts which I have make links to from within the template itself. This is how you can create your own:
  • If you haven't already done so, change your "Enable post pages" setting to "on" in your Blogger dashboard. This is done in the Settings>Publishing section, and enables each blog post to appear on it's own page. 
  • Next, you will need to create your "blog pages". To do this, just create a regular post with the title and content you wish to offer as a blog page. For example, an "About" page could be titled "About this blog" with the content being a description of your blog. 
  • Since we cannot omit this post from the archives pages, you will want to consider how easily a reader could find this post within the archives! Usually I change the publishing date when I create post pages to a much earlier date: this ensures that the page does not get mixed in with regular posts so easily, and since such pages are usually "timeless" (they are not news items or contrained by current events) I doubt many readers will care about the date featured on this particular page. To change the posting date of a post, so it appears much further back in the archives (and not on your main page), click on "Post Options" near the bottom of the post editing box, and alter the date manually in the right hand section. 
  • Once you have created your post and changed the date (if you prefer to, that is), you can publish your post. You will need to publish this post in order to discover the permalink to this post so that you can then link back to it from your header or sidebar. A "permalink" is the URL of a particular post page. You can find the permalink url for this page in your browsers' address bar. 
  • To find the permalink for the blog page you have just created, you can either locate this page in your archives, or go to "Edit Posts" in your dashboard click on the "View post" link for this post. Once you have the permalink, paste this into your favorite text editor for later use. 
  • Now you will probably want to create the link to your post page somewhere in your template. The easiest place to place this link is in a widget in your sidebar or footer (though if you are confident in HTML you can also place this elsewhere). To create a regular text link to your blog page, you could use a simple text widget. Write the link text you would like your readers to see, then highlight this text. Click on the hyperlink icon in the editing page, and paste your blog permalink into the box which pops up. Save the widget, and then look at your blog to see the new link to your blog page. 
  • If you would prefer to use an image to link to your post page, you will need to create an image to use as a link, and host this on an external image host. Then create an HTML/Javascript widget, and insert your image using the <img> function, like this :
<img src="http://the-url-of-your-image.com/yourimagename.jpg" />

Then to make this image become a link, you will also need to add anchor links around the image, like this:

<a href="yourpermalinkurl"><img src="http://the-url-of-your-image.com/yourimagename.jpg" /></a>
  • Save your widget and then view your blog to see the image link to your blog page.
You can repeat this for any number of blog pages you would like to create for your blog. As I mentioned before, the only disadvantage is that these pages will appear in your archives, and they will also be published in your blog feed. However, I'm sure the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of this method, since these blog pages can provide an useful information about your site for your readers.

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Membuat Kotak untuk Posting di Website / Blog

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Salah satu cara agar tampilan website/blog lebih menarik dan informatif adalah dengan menambahkan CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Tetapi kali ini tidak akan dibahas apa itu CSS, tetapi langsung menerapkan dan mencoba untuk membuat kotak informasi, peringatan, atau sejenisnya dalam sebuah tulisan di web/blog dengan salah satu fungsi/kode CSS.

Hal ini bisa kita lakukan dengan kode (tag) HTML div. DIV merupakan kode HTML yang akan menghasilkan blok paragraf, biasa saya istilahkan dengan Box, karena dengan menuliskan paragraf atau kalimat diantara tag <div>....</div> maka kalimat/paragraf tersebut akan tampil dalam box yang bisa kita atur tampilannya. Untuk memudahkannya, berikut berbagai contoh dan penggunaan tag DIV.

Color dan Background
Kotak ini sesuai dengan kode HTL berikut:
<div style="color:red;background:yellow;"> ... </div>
Perhatikan bagian setelah style, bagian itulah yang menentukan tampilan box dengan menggunakan DIV. Kode diatas menggunakan 2 atribut, yaitu color dan background. Color akan menentukan warna text dan background menentukan warna latar. Perhatikan pula penulisan tanda titik dua dan titik koma. Atribut warna bisa diisi dengan tulisan seperti : black, blue, green, yellow, red, white dan lainnya. Bisa juga dengan menggunakan kode Heksadesimal, misalnya #FFFFFF untuk putih #0000FF untuk biru dan lainnya. Untuk mempermudah memilih warna terbaik, bisa menggunakan program gratis ColorPic atau lihat Color Code di blog ini.

Pada kotak/box sebelumnya, warna kuning terlihat tanpa garis tepi. Akan lebih menarik jika kita menambahkan garis tepi di sekelilingnya. Hal ini bisa dilakukan dengan menambahkan atribut border. Contohnya sebagai berikut:

Kotak ini sesuai dengan kode HTML berikut:
<div style="color:blue;background:#EBF3FB;border:1px solid #AACCEE;"> ... </div>
Penjelasan nilai setelah border adalah sebagai berikut : 1px menandakan ketebalan garis ( 1 pixel yang merupakan satu garis tipis), solid merupakan bentuk atau rupa garis dan #AACCEE merupakan warna garis. Masing-masing dipisahkan dengan tanda spasi.
Untuk bentuk (style) border selain solid, juga bisa bernilai none, hidden, dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset dan inherit. Contoh masing-masing bisa dilihat tutorial CSS Border.

Padding dan Margin
Pada box sebelumnya tulisan dalam kotak terlihat terlalu rapat dengan garis tepi (baik kiri, atas, kanan atau bawah). Agar tampilan lebih indah, maka tulisan bisa dibuat agar mempunyai jarak dengan garis tepi (lebih menjorok kedalam). Hal ini bisa kita lakukan dengan menambahkan atribut padding. Berikut contohnya :
Kotak ini sesuai dengan kode HTML berikut:
<div style="color:#990099;background:#ADE4AD;border:2px dashed #006600;padding:5px;margin:10px;"> ... </div>
Nilai padding:5px, berarti tulisan dalam box masuk kedalam sepanjang 5 pixel (1 pixel adalah satu garis tipis). Sebenarnya nilainya bisa diisi lebih detail misalnya padding:2px 3px 4px 5px, yang berarti jarak dari garis atas 2 pixel, dari kanan 3 pixel, bawah 4 pixel dan kiri 5pixel. Urutannya dari atas-kanan-bawah-kiri.
Untuk margin hampir sama dengan padding, hanya saja untuk margin menentukan jarak kotak ke area diluarnya (dari garis tepi keluar, mulai atas-kanan-bawah-kiri). Pada contoh tampilan diatas (yang berwarna hijau), tampak box posisinya menjorok kedalam. Karena margin:10px, maka posisi box sejauh 10 pixel dari atas, kanan, bawah dan kiri. Pengisian juga bisa dilakukan seperti padding.

Width (Lebar Box)
Dengan kode-kode seperti diatas, maka panjang box akan selebar konten atau area yang tersedia. Untuk membatasi lebar kotak, kita bisa menggunakan atribut width. Berikut contohnya:
Kotak ini sesuai dengan kode HTML berikut:
<div style="color:#FFFFFF;background:#FFD4AA;border:2px dotted #FF2A00;padding:5px;margin:5px;width:300px;"> ... </div>
Properti width akan mengatur dan membatasi ukuran box. Pada contoh di atas, nilainya adalah 300 pixel. Sebenarnya masih banyak atribut lain yang bisa disertakan, tetapi sementara 6 atribut diatas sudah cukup untuk membuat tulisan lebih informatif (dengan pemilihan warna yang tepat tentunya).

Catatan :
  • Satu hal yang perlu diperhatikan ketika menuliskan kode tersebut (dalam menulis artikel) adalah harus dalam mode HTML, bukan dalam mode visual.
  • Agar script/kode yang kita masukkan ke dalam postingan sesuai dengan tampilan yang diinginkan, maka perlu melakukan Encode script/kode terlebih dahulu, dapatkan keterangannya disini.
Smart Best Info

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