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For people who think that blogging is just a hobby during some free time or nothing more than a sideline after regular office hours, they should think again—fast! Consider the advertising income a successful blog can rake in: Google’s online advertising service, AdSense, pay around 1 US cent to $2 per ad click.
It may sound like loose change but add it up daily and people may be surprised that it could amount to a month’s overtime pay or even a small payday cash advance. Not bad for working just a few hours in front of the computer. Other sources are from sponsored ads and content other than Google’s, which with some creativity, resourcefulness, and hard work, could amount to hundreds of dollars in a month.
There are many income sources for professional bloggers, or simply pro-bloggers, like corporate sponsorships and freebies. However, the majority of the revenue comes from advertisements. Some expert bloggers are even offered to write web content for foreign websites. One pro-blogger from the Philippines had this to say, “I quite my day job when my personal blog started making good money. More than anything, going professional on blogging is a lifestyle choice. You become your own boss. It does have its ups and downs, but when more people log on the internet and find your blog interesting and useful, your blog’s potential becomes limitless.”

For people who want to try blogging for a living (and may be pleasantly surprised that they are good at it), here are some good tips to remember.

Obviously, people should first create a blog site. Basic blog sites are available for free on the internet, like and For a personalized domain name (or the name of the blog), payments can be as low as $10 a year. Hosting services also offer around $10 a month onwards, depending on the added services. Regular employees could easily apply for a loan online to cover the annual fees and such.

  • When creating a blog site, consider the lifestyle or needs that address the target audience or readers. Would-be bloggers should bear in mind to make their content unique. Although it is easy to copy from other websites, viewers can spot similarities and call the blogger’s attention on it. 
  • Serious bloggers should be consistent in maintaining the quality of the blog. They must be patient and cool when dealing with posters’ comments on their blogs. Some of them have strong opinions on the subjects or products discussed.
  • Blogs can take months, even years, before taking off and starting to make money. It depends on how serious the would-be bloggers work out their blogs. To stay competitive, starting bloggers should be patient and keep on coming up with the best content possible.

Be a Profesional Blogger

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