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You might think that blogging is dead, especially now that the socialization of media dominated by Twitter, Facebook, Friendster and other social media in general. I always thought Blog is part of social media too, because the blog is a medium of communication and informed the author and the factors involving the user.
Is blogging five years ago running good? If you think that what is happening with blogging is now less desirable and less influential, again please think again, because this blog still has an important role in the huge website traffic. An example of this I give an idea of launching a commercial site

You do not know and less familiar with is a site where consumers can buy goods for household daily needs directly from producers such as toothpaste, toilet paper, detergent, diapers, etc., rather than through middlemen, retailers or agents. This site was launched in June 2009, and in early November 2009 the traffic on this site about more than 1 million unique visitors, and on November 10, 2009 announced that it had completed $ 6 million (dollar) funding round. Latest funding comes from a group of private investors and the total number obtained by for today is more than $ 10 million (dollar). Amazing is not it??

Guess where most of website traffic come from? All that comes from mouth to mouth by using a blogging facility and the largest and number one is to use traffic Not through Twitter, Facebook is not, nor through the search list or other media, although each of these facilities undoubtedly role. has become the biggest factor in driving traffic to sites this, and from the things that can be seen that the traffic on showed no signs of slowing. contributed 18% of referral traffic in July 2009, and obviously there are a lot of blog out there that are not hosted by From the data shows that Alice's conversion rate jumped to 3.5% in July 2009.

Every person who previously shopped online for products of household knows that the prices are generally higher (sometimes a lot) than that found in the shops, but not with By selling directly to consumers, manufacturers can provide a product cheaper prices than most online retailers and more competitive with other stores.

From the above, of course you can use facilities as possible to talk a lot about your product on the Blog, and certainly to get traffic to your Website. This is no different from getting people to talk about your social network or through a form of marketing by word of mouth as has been done by

Still early for us to know whether this site will remain successful, provided that a blogger's are happy, can enjoy a long life, you will know how the story of the next site. One thing to remember, about the words "From Mouth to Mouth" is that it works both ways. Reputation can quickly move into a different direction online and get the website traffic better.

From the above, my writing urge and recommend to colleagues in order to keep all exist in the world of blogging, but blogging can provide an online revenue, brotherhood and kinship in a virtual world can be intertwined with the good and lasting.

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