Suicide of Football Player

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Robert Enke
There is an important lesson through the death of German goalkeeper Robert Enke, some time ago. Popularity was no guarantee of happiness. Life issues continue to beat. Because no bear the burden, he chose suicide. Enke was not the only character from the football team lost their lives tragically. There are many other names that do these stupid acts. Following perpetrators.

Justin Fashanu
In 1998, Justin Fashanu hanging dri dead. Former Manchester City player of the 1990s era were determined to do because he was not strong with a negative opinion of him. Before dying, Fashanu accused of rape 17-year-old child. It did after drinking liquor in apartemennnya. The accusation was getting stronger as more news emerged about the joining in Fashanu homosexual community.

Sergio Lopez Segu
Sergio Lopez Segu died tragically. November 4, 2006, he crashed into a train that runs fast.Flying his life instantly. He died at the age of 39 years. The former Barcelona midfielder 1990s are desperate to do because it can not take the trials of her life. The player who successfully led Barcelona win the 1989 Cup Winners Cup was an early retirement because of a knee injury. This made him depressed. Plus her marriage failed.

Paul Vaessen
August 2001, English football with the death of Paul dihebohkan Vaessen, Arsenal had committed suicide in the bathtub with a way to take heroin over dose. Previously he had handled by psychiatrists, but failed. Travel kaier goalscorer goal victory to Arsenal Juventus in 1980 Cup Winners Cup semi-final it was pathetic. In his first season, he was charming. However, in subsequent seasons he was injury prone.
Vaessen and then retired. Had cultivated Beberaap job. Starting from the postman to a construction worker. Vaessen seem unable to accept the reality and stress. Because of frustration, drugs and made the run to end his life.

Asgotino In Bartolomei
AS Roma legend's death, Agostino on Bartolomei, too sad. On May 30, 1994, he shot himself right in the heart. Allegedly, Bartolomei suicide because of depression. Suspected causes of depression vary. It is estimated that he was not strong with the economic bebam pinching. There is also a suspect he was not ready when he retired from football.
His life ended horribly. During active as a player, football exploits Bartolomei is assured. He has a big contribution of Rome led to the 1983 scudetto win. But, after that his career faded and a series of personal problems kept bothering him.

Sandor Kocsis 
Sandor Kocsis is a great striker Barcelona in the period 1958-1965. On July 22, 1979, at the age of 49 years, he died. Until now, many believe he died of suicide by dropping himself from the fourth floor in a hospital. However, there is also a pure accident preach.
Toward the end of his life, Kocsis's health declined rapidly. The striker who got the nickname Golden Head was suffering from stomach cancer, leukemia dab. Allegedly, because the two diseases difficult to cure it, Kocsis stress and committed suicide.

Juan Gamper
Juan Gamper is an important actor behind the birth of Barcelona. Swiss-born man was also the first president of the Spanish club. During the presidency, brought Barcelona won several titles, including 11 Championnat de Catalunya and six Copa del Rey. Gamper was supported Catalan nationalism. As a result, the man who is also the founder of Swiss club FC Zurich was also expelled from Spain keuar. Because no treatment is strong, committed suicide Gamper.

Matthias Sindelar 
Matthias Sindelar was one of the great players who had been born in Austria in 1930's era. But his tragic journey. His death is still controversial. Some say suicide, but there is also a mention killed "smooth". On January 23, 1939, Matthias Sindelar with his girlfriend, Camilla Castagnola was found dead in an apartment in Vienna, Austria. His death was allegedly due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a leaky heater. Other allegations, the Nazi regime was involved because it represents Sindelar refused to play Germany.

Suicide of Football Player

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