Yahoo Shows Weapon Site For Fast

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Yahoo has a special weapon that helps the website operate faster. Not a secret, it had handed over weapons to Yahoo Open Source community.
As quoted in Smart Best Info from Cnet, on Tuesday (3/11/2009), Yahoo has opened the application code called Traffic Server to the Open Source community via the Apache Software Foundation. Traffic Server is an application that claims can help a site to react more quickly in serving visitors.

C + + application with 200,000 lines of code that has been used Yahoo in operation since the company acquired Inktomi in 2002. Yahoo currently uses Traffic Server to deliver 30 billion Web object and 400 terabytes of data per day.

Yahoo Traffic Server is used in various applications. For example, Javascript is a game results in Yahoo Sports to use this application so that it can perform more quickly. This is separate from other parts of Yahoo Sports that use a regular Web server.

Traffic Server is also used Yahoo to process many things ranging from management of Cookies on Yahoo Mail, save the cache site to reduce the burden on Web servers to store Web addresses of the Domain Name System (DNS) to speed up network access.

Yahoo hopes Traffic Server user community will grow and develop as a user community Hadoop data processing technology. It is estimated that it took six months for a developer to begin studying Traffic Server.

Yahoo Shows Weapon Site For Fast

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