Reduce and Avoid Security Threats

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Everyday Computer have to deal with security threats such as ; viruses, spyware, worms, crackers, and phishing.These security threats may break your boot sector, software or data files, cause disturbance of internet traffic, create back door to permit unauthorized access to your computer, and steal secret information from Smart Best Info.
Here are 8 tips to protect your computer from security threats:
  1. Install an antivirus and antispyware program.
    Be careful. Do not accept any free scan and free download, Some free downloads could be spyware programs or malware that causing security hole in your system.
  2. Use security programs that provide active real time protection.
    However, free antivirus programs can only detect viruses that have already infected your computer, It can’t provide a protection. However, if your computer is already infected, you may not be able to reach the free virus scan sites at all.
  3. Be vigilant and selective about” free “
    Be careful about what you download to your computer. Don’t get a free games, freeware, free music files etc unless you are certain that they are safely.
  4. Keep your internet security programs up to date.
    Everyday new security threats are coming out, you require the most updated definition database to dispose these threats and made your computer secured.

  5. Configure a firewall to block any unsolicited communication.
    This can protect you from hacker attack.

  6. Use security patches
    Get a security patches for your application programs and browser programs. Some programs are vulnerable to malicious attack and the patches could solve these vulnerabilities.
  7. Be careful with email attachment and spam messages. 
    Don’t open unknown email attachment. An internet security program could protect your system through scanning the attachment before open and store it. Dispose spam messages and install a spam filter. A few spam messages are a nuisance but some contain links (phishing). viruses and spyware can also be spread using spam messages. Beware!

  8. Beware about hoaxes.
    If you receive an unknown email message. Don’t follow any instruction of this such as delete any file or spread the message to other people unless you know that the instruction is true.
If you follow all of the above, you can reduce the chance of malicious attack. However, malicious attacks come in various forms and they spread and attack your computer in different ways.

Reduce and Avoid Security Threats

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